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Retail Banking

Mortgage Lending

In 2010, the Bank renewed the implementation of mortgage lending programs. Today, it is possible to obtain a loan at the Bank for the purchase of housing in the primary or secondary real estate market, as well as for any consumer purposes on the security of an apartment owned by borrowers.

To date, the mortgage lending is one of strategic lines of retail business. The Bank has actively been working on the accreditation of developers in order to extend as much as possible the list of projects under construction to be credited and to give borrowers an opportunity to make a self-selection. We attract realtor/broker, insurance and appraisal companies in order to give borrowers a wide choice of tariffs and terms and conditions of services related to the granting of mortgage loans.

Mortgage lending programs offered by the Bank are undoubtedly competitive, convenient, profitable and affordable from the clients’ point of view: the interest rate on the secondary market starts from 11,5% in rubles, the initial contribution starts from 10% of the residential premises being acquired.

Last year, the preparation of the transaction began, which is planned for 2011 together with the National Reserve Bank, in respect of securitization of mortgage portfolios under the guarantee of the Federal Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending.

Restructuring of the retail loan portfolio

In 2010, the Bank continued the implementation of programs for restructuring of retail loans of borrowers who have difficulties to repay loans during the financial crisis period.

According to the results of 2010, 674 retail loans were restructured to the total amount of 1,595 million rubles.

In June 2010, the Bank sold the mortgage portfolio having a volume of 425 million rubles within the framework of the Federal housing mortgage loans restructuring program of the Agency for Restructuring of Housing Mortgage Loans, what allowed the borrowers who found themselves in a difficult financial situation to expect the repeated restructuring of loan obligations.

Bank Cards

In 2010, it was introduced a new wide line of credit cards of different categories: for payroll clients, corporate (non-payroll) clients, clients having a positive credit record and other individuals (pilot project in Moscow and the Urals branch). These programs stipulate the issue of credit cards on special conditions for relevant categories of clients.

Consumer lending

In 2010, it was launched in the Bank a pilot project to grant purpose express loans for the purchase of subscriber equipment and other goods in sales offices of MTS retail network.

Sales of retail products and services

The system of retail sales continued to develop last year: there were introduced modernized standards of sales of retail products and services of the Bank and customer service standards. There were prepared and implemented scenarios of promotion of retail products and their general and special presentations, the results are monitored on a weekly and monthly basis.

In 2010, training programs for the Bank’s retail bloc were developed and implemented. Over 500 employees of the branch network were trained on the courses: "Skills of Sales of Credit Card to Payroll Clients","Skills of Sales of Mortgage Products" and distance learning courses. The business training “Skill of Mortgage Products Sales by Telephone” was prepared and conducted for employees of the Bank’s Information Center.

The training on the Bank’s mortgage programs is arranged in Moscow and a number of branches for employees of partner organizations (realtor/broker, developers).

The training on the terms and conditions of the Bank’s products was conducted in sales offices of MTS retail network for 8 trainers of MTS retail network within the framework of the launched project of consumer lending.

In November 2010, mortgage lending advertising campaign was launched: clients who received advertising coupons from the Bank’s partners were provided with additional privileges when obtaining a loan. At the end of the year there was conducted the event “Happy New Photo”, in which all MBRD credit card holders participated. By sending photos of interesting and unusual gifts purchased with MBRD credit card, clients received prizes from the Bank.

In August 2010, MBRD Model of Retail Sales was developed and approved.


In October 2010, the Bank launched a new channel of retail products sales by telephone — telemarketing.

The first task for telemarketing was a project of activation of payroll clients’ credit cards for the purpose of increasing their credit limits.

In November and December 2010, the promotion of credit cards issued on special terms for MBRD bona fide borrowers started through telemarketing.

Deposits of the population

In 2010, the Bank continued the work to attract monetary funds on deposits. The multi-currency deposit was included in the line of fixed-term deposits, which makes it possible to manage monetary funds in three currencies within the framework of a single contract.

The Bank currently offers deposits taking into account the needs of all client groups: classical deposits not to be replenished, deposits to be replenished, deposits with the possibility of replenishing and withdrawing monetary funds, special deposits for corporate clients’ employees and people of retirement age.

Internet banking

During 2010, the Bank actively enlarged the list of companies to which it is possible to make payments through the system of Internet banking. In addition to new Internet providers and telecommunications services, it became possible for the Bank’s clients to pay for the purchase of railway and air tickets and traffic police fines in various regions, as well as replenish the electronic purses (Yandex.Money, WebMoney, QIWI, Wallet One). The opportunity to make money transfers under free details through the non-banking credit institution “Rapida” was implemented.

From June 2010, it is possible to obtain full details of the account of your bank cards for non-cash replenishment.

From November 2010, it is possible to connect remotely Internet banking and also to change the login and password using MBRD self-service network equipment (ATMs and terminals).


The obtaining of acquiring license from Visa International and the implementation of direct acquiring in respect of Visa cards in 2009 facilitated the dynamic development of acquiring network. Turnover in attended trade and service outlets (TSO) exceeded 2 billion rubles in 2010 with a network positive financial result over 9 million rubles and increased against the previous year notwithstanding the growth of fee commissions of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard.

ATMs and terminals

The network of ATMs and terminals in MBRD developed dynamically in 2010, at the end of 2010 there were 572 ATMs and 63 terminals. The efficiency of the network has been increasing. The average financial result per one ATM was more than 255 thousands of rubles last year.

The opportunities for servicing the Bank’s clients have systematically developed, so in 2010 the development of the network of united settlement systems (USS), which member is MBRD, made it possible for the Bank’s clients to use additionally more than 9,600 machines for the receipt of cash funds.

In addition, it was brisked up the work on the connection of regional payment providers and the development of additional services in ATMs of MBRD in 2010. This gave the Bank an opportunity to offer clients, along with traditional functions, a variety of self-services from the provision of information on the nearest scheduled loan repayment up to the payment to various local providers of utility services, the payment of cellular communications, television, Internet.

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