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Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of an up-to-date and successful business. The Bank’s activities in this sphere are aimed at forming a positive image of the Bank in society. We are sure that the Bank’s reputation, especially in the current situation, is its key non-material asset and the basis for the confidence of our Clients and Partners. In 2009, under the implementation of the strategy for social responsibility, the Bank continued its activities in the following fields:


2009 was not easy for the Russian economy as a whole, and the financial sector was no exception. At the beginning of the year, MTS Bank carried out a deal under the Federal Program for Mortgage Loan Restructuring under the mortgage loan restructuring standard of OJSC Agency for Restructuring Housing Mortgage Lending (ARHML). The Bank became the ARHML’s official Agent for restructuring in Moscow, which allowed it to provide help not only to its own mortgage borrowers, but to mortgage borrowers of other credit institutions as well. As of today, the Bank has received over 450 applications from clients and restructured mortgage loans worth over 98 mln rubles.


Considering its personnel as one of its key assets and a major strategic factor for successful business development, the Bank is trying to create optimal social conditions so that each employee can realize his or her professional potential in full.

During 2009, the Bank held various trainings and seminars and regularly carried out appraisals of employees at its business units. Not only employees from the Head office of the Bank, but also those from additional offices, Branches, and employees from OJSC Dalkombank participated in such events.

The obligatory external training of employees in 2009 was carried out on time and in full. Over the course of the whole year, employees were increasing their level of professional knowledge and qualifications in accordance with the legal standards of the Central Bank of Russia.

In 2009, the Bank focused its efforts in social programs for employees on organizing a medical service in the Bank and resort and spa services for children of the Bank’s employees. Furthermore, the Bank is developing programs of non-mandatory medical insurance, cooperation with private pension fund “Sistema”, and provides cash help to employees. The Bank also created all the necessary conditions for recreation and sports activities.

Charity and sponsorship activity

MTS Bank takes part in the development of infrastructure in the regions in which it operates, actively participating in public events and the development of the regions.

In 2009, the Bank continued participating in charity projects and sponsorship. In its support for sports and promotion of a healthy lifestyle, MTS Bank supported the construction of an ice rink in Volgograd, the organization and staging of the First International Football Tournament for Children’s Yard Teams held at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, and the staging of a beach volleyball tournament in the city of Ufa.

Under the implementation of its strategy for corporate social responsibility, the Bank joined a social initiative called “Charity instead of gifts”. In 2009, MTS Bank gave most of its budget for New Year gifts to charity. The program unites companies that are ready to refocus their funds for gifts to help those most in need — orphans, the disabled, talented children, and elderly people.

The Bank also continues to offer help to children: in 2009, MTS Bank financed the re-equipment of the play hall of Children’s Home #1 in the city of Rostov-on-Don. This was done under the Bank’s “Charity instead of gifts” program. The children’s home is currently looking after 65 babies and kids, ranging in age from newborns to four years old. Also under this program, MTS Bank took obligations to provide help to the “Marksovsky Children’s Home”, which is looking after 75 babies and kids, also ranging in age from newborns to four years of age. Last year, the Bank also took part in a charity program called “Road to School”, under which the Bank’s regional Branch in the Komi Republic purchased school packs for 47 children with limited abilities from low-income families.

The Bank also pays significant attention to providing help to elderly people, the disabled and veterans of the Second World War. Last year, MTS Bank participated in celebrating the International Day of Elderly People, having organized a theater performance in the State Academic Russian Drama Theater of the Bashkortostan Republic for 300 pensioners. The Bank also took part in celebrations for Second World War veterans on Victory Day in all regions in which the Bank operates.

In supporting the arts, MTS Bank provided sponsorship for a private exhibition of artist Natalya Grigoryeva in the Central House of the Painter in Moscow; the Bank also provided sponsorship support to artists from the Nizhny Novgorod theater “Preobrazheniye”.

Under its corporate social responsibility strategy, the Bank is helping to implement different projects in science, culture and sports. MTS Bank was one of the partners of an international camel and horse expedition called “Tracing the Great Silk Road” headed by famous Russian explorer Fyodor Konyukhov.